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Inductive proximity sensor IC with integrated N type 3-wire output stage and LED drivers, perfectly suited to build low cost inductive proximity sensor applications.


Smart 4 channel LED driver IC, designed for 4 independent LED strings
(e.g. RGBW). It contains a µC and PWM engine suitable for driving constant currents in buck or boost topologies using peak or valley current regulation.


CMOS to 3-wire interface IC (P or N type, 100 mA) providing additional analog base functions as linear regulator, buck regulator and OP-Amps. The IC is well suited to support sensor applications (power supply and 3-wire IF).


General purpose 8 channel parallel to parallel HV push-pull driver IC
(300 V, 40 mA), suitable for wide range of applications.

Smart Filter –
preliminary information

The micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) is integrated in the filter elements and monitors the operational state of each element by transferring the data via RFID-Interface.